apple antara mexico

Apple open a second Apple Store in Mexico very soon

apple antara mexico

Apple will open its second Apple Store in Mximo very soon and it will be located in one of the most important shopping centers in Mexico City. September is being an important month regarding the Apple Store because along with this inauguration we will also see the reopening of the iconic Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York and its giant glass cube.

The new Apple Store be located in the Antara Fashion Mall, located in the Polanco district, and from which the store takes its name, Apple Antara. The opening is scheduled for September 27 at 5 pm.

The second Apple Store in Mexico open in two weeks

The confirmation has been given by the image that tennis above. Deirdre O’Brien, head of the Apple Store, has published an animation in your social networks with the phrase:

We look forward to receiving customers at Apple Antara, our next awesome home in Mexico City! Inauguration on September 27!

In addition to this official announcement, the Apple Antara already has its own section on the Apple website, where its schedule, how to arrive and the sessions Today at Apple How important they are for the company.

Apple Antara is expected to become one of the calls flagship store, the previous store, Apple Via Santa Fe, is a bit smaller and has been open since 2016. It is expected that the new Apple Antara has curved glass panels similar to those we can find in Apple Park. Surely it becomes a tourist place as it happens with other stores in the company.