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Apple deactivates Walkie-Talkie as it violates the privacy of its users

You will not be able to talk to your contacts through the application Walkie talkie Apple Watch The company has temporarily disabled the same of all smart watches from Thursday (11) after discovering a vulnerability that allows you to listen to other people without their consent, something that according to the country you are can be a crime.

The application Walkie talkie was launched in the operating system watchOS 5 and lets you talk to others through Apple Watch as if it were a radio. Just hold the button Talk and your audio will be played in real time with the pulse of your contact (unless it is in Do Not Disturb mode or not available).

Apple release

Walkie talkie

In a statement, Apple says: "We were informed of a vulnerability related to the application of Walkie-Talkie on Apple Watch, and we disabled the function while solving the problem as soon as possible." At TechCrunch, Apple reports that there is no evidence that the security breach has been exploited, reported through Apple's security site.

Apple concluded that ?Disabling the application was the right thing, since that failure could allow someone to listen to another user's iPhone without their consent?. The application remains installed on Apple Watch, but not work until the company solves the problem, something Apple and Android and Microsoft deal with on PC, no system is oblivious to possible security threats.

This is not the first time that an Apple communications service has closed due to a security breach. In January, the FaceTime group call function temporarily exited the loop because a privacy violation allowed him to listen to the audio on the other side before the person answered the call; In some cases, even the camera was on.