Apple changes the release date of iPadOS and iOS 13.1

Apple changes the release date of iPadOS and iOS 13.1

Although the Cupertino firm was expected to launch most of its operating system updates today, some appear to be delayed. According to Mark Gurman, the next update of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS on September 24 instead of September 30.

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The new iPadOS allow iPad users to get some additional news to the features that iOS 13 brings to smartphones. In this way, people who use iPad they can access Apple Arcade, Dark Mode and more.

Apple has not made it clear whether to launch only iPadOS 13, or if the first version of iPadOS be iPadOS 13.1. But what we do know is that Within 5 days we will have a new batch of updates.

The news of iOS 13.1

Ios 13

The iOS 13.1 update includes several features that were announced in WWDC 2019 but were eventually removed from iOS 13 during the beta test period. Automated shortcuts, for example, are back in iOS 13.1. With this option users can create personal automations from the Shortcuts application, so that actions are performed automatically when certain conditions occur.

         Apple changes the release date of iPadOS and iOS 13.1: the update will arrive on September 24