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Apple Audio Sharing technology reaches Beats headphones

With the recent presentation of iPhone 11 and everything new from Manzana, some of us forget certain functionalities that the North American brand commented that their new devices will have. One of them, scheduled to be launched with the update to iOS 13, it was Audio Sharing; which, finally, be launched as part of iOS 13.1.

With this new functionality, the same iPhone was enabled to share audio with two pairs of headphones, allowing two people or the same at the same time; what all life has been a jack multiplier, but in wireless version. This functionality may not be presented as the most striking of iOS 13, but, for certain situations, it may be one of the most useful.

AirPods, compatible with Audio Sharing

This option is very functionalto, for example, listen to music on a trip with your partner or with a friend; or to show a video to a classmate in the library without having to share headphones. In addition, it allows different volume levels in each user, a point normally discordant in this type of situations.

Being Apple, goat expect that this functionality was compatible, of course, only with the Airpods. What has been our surprise to know that Audio Sharing is also compatible with various models of the company Beats (those with the chips Apple H1 or W1 trained for it). Everyone knows the relationship between Apple and Beats, so much so, that certain models of the brand of headphones are sold within Apple's own website.

The Beats models which have the ability to share audio through Audio Sharing are:

We leave purchase links for each of them.

Beats compatible with Audio Sharing

But be careful, keep in mind that not all devices with iOS 13 You can enjoy Audio Sharing, this functionality being limited to the iPhone 8 or higher, iPad Pro second generation or higher, iPad Air third generation or higher, iPad Mini fifth generation or higher and iPod Touch seventh generation or higher.

While it is true that, despite the good functionality, Beats headphones are not characterized by precisely measured price. It would be appreciated if Audio Sharing came to other brands of headphones Wireless market. At the moment, this is unknown. What is certain is that, if you are an Android user, you have been enjoying this option for a long time thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0.

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