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Antenna TV apk to watch games on Android, TV Box and PC 2018

Just when he wanted to watch the match of the 4th Champions League final, the IPTV lists were saturated. But thanks to the TV antenna application I installed just hours before on my Android, I save. That is why we recommend this app to see not only the leagues, but later in Russia 2018 World Cup.

This app is completely free and works on all devices with Android operating system. But also, it is possible to install it on a computer with Windows 7/8/10.

What is TV antenna, what is it for and how to configure

It is an app that broadcast different tv channels from around the worldIt has content that we can search for by categories: movies, culture, religion, entertainment, music, radios, sports and adult channels +18.

We use it mainly for watch TV online for free on any compatible device. It has many cable / pay channels and the vast majority in Spanish, Spanish and Latin.

This app after being installed needs a small configuration and it is that when opening it it asks us the following Enter the keyword for the m3u8 list. Here we have to place the following TV antenna without quotation marks. If the previous password is not placed we will not be able to see the content of this app.

download free tv antenna android app iphone ipad pc freeKey / password of the tv antenna app for Android 2018

(alert-note) If you have wondered how does tv antenna workWell, it's very simple, you only choose the channel you want to watch and it plays. But for this it is recommended to do it connected to a WiFi network, to save megabytes of our data plan. (/ alert-note)

Download antenna tv app for Android, tablet & TV box

The tv antenna application is compatible from the higher versions of kitkat to the latest Android P. It may not work very well in versions such as jelly bean or froyo since they are very old.

best channels antenna tv app android iphone pc roku apkChannels of movies, sports, movies, novels, drawings, of all Latin countries.

We can download it from the official Android apps store, if we have a tablet we can also install it.

TV antenna

? Download from official website: GO for the APP

NOTE: The list for TV Antenna 2 is: antenatv

The app was not found in the store.

AntenaTV Lite

The app was not found in the store.

How to download and install in a TV box

We can look for it in the Play Store, but in case it is not available for your region or for incompatibility, we can download the apk file (installable) to do the installation process.

We can download it on a USB from our PC, then install it on our TV Box with the help of a file explorer like ES File Explorer. Many of you already know how this process is done, it is the same as that done on a smartphone.

  • Version for TV box: Link3

Antenna tv for iPhone / iPad with iOS

If we do a small search of antenna tv in the appstore, we will realize that it is not available. There is currently no support for Apple's operating system. But you can watch free tv on iOS with pages and apps like moredede or gse smart iptv, ott player or wiseplay.

It also happens with the iMac, macbook pro and his apple tv 1 and 2 that this app cannot be installed on these devices.

If we want to watch the games and any other channel on our iPhone, what we can do is install the free my cinema app. An app for iOS that contains movies, series and live TV channels online free.

Download and install tv antenna for PC Windows 7/8/10

What can not be done on an iMac, if it can be done on a Windows computer. Thanks to the infinite number of programs (Android emulators) You can install games and apps that work on an Android cell phone.

The emulators are compatible with all versions of Windows 7/8 & 10, one of the best we have tried and we recommend NOX. In the following video they will be able to observe how it works.

(alert-success) After installing the emulator, we can start a section with our Google account and download the tv antenna app. (/ alert-success)

Install Antenna tv app on Fire TV Stick

He Amazon fire stick It is based on the Android system, so you can install compatible apps for this operating system. We just need to download the apk file and that's it.

We can do it directly from this web page, since we will provide the link below, or also from a USB that has the APK. The same process is followed as in a tv box.

Antenna tv app for smart tv (how to watch the channels)

If what we are looking for is install the tv antenna apk on a smart tvUnfortunately it is not possible because it has no support. But if what we are looking for is to watch its content on a TV, of course it can.

It is possible to play all the channels of this app on a smart TV through:

  • Android TV Box: If we have one of these boxes, you can install the app in them and that way enjoy the app and all its sports channels.
  • Chromecast: It is an alternative that allows us to stream any video on a TV screen.
  • HDMI cable: We can connect the phone to the TV using an HDMI cable to play the TV antenna channels. This option does not always work, because it is not compatible with all devices.

App antenna tv Roku? Works?

All people who have a roku at home and want to download the antenna tv apk, unfortunately they will not be able to do it. This app is not compatible with the operating system.

We have to find another way to watch sports channels in this gadget, for this we recommend using iptv m3u lists. You just have to install an app / channel that plays the m3u playlist and that's it.

Antenna tv app does not work / error / problem

When you pass these errors with the app, we have to try the following possible solutions:

  • Check that the last version of Google play is installed.
  • Close the app completely and then open it again.
  • Clear the application data.
  • Remove / uninstall the tv antenna app and reinstall it from the app store.
  • Check our internet connection, it may not load because the network speed is very slow. In this case it is better to restart the router for better stability.
  • Restart the cell phone in case the Wi-Fi network is not working in the best way.

This will be all in this tutorial, if you need any help with this app or with any other, do not hesitate to write us a comment. Enjoy antenna tv apk for watch sports channels This 2018, until next time.

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