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A Woman Without Filter, the film that will accommodate many women

A woman without a filter is a film that is too good and will surely accommodate the way of feeling of many people who usually keep everything they think.

In we recommend that you go to enjoy the Film, which has a duration of 96 minutes that will make reflections in each of the scenes, since when you see Paz which is the protagonist of the outcome, you will surely be identified by those times that you behave too kind to people, shutting up many times you think about it and sometimes even what you feel.

We do not want to ruin the movie telling you from beginning to end what it is about, since we want that when you go to see it in Cinemas you enjoy watching each of the scenes.

That is if we leave you the trailer to give you a small idea of ??what you will see on the big screen.

A Woman Without Filter

Credits to for the contribution of the video

Genre: Comedy Classification: B15

Duration: 96 minutes

Credit and Distribution

Actors: Alejandro Calva, Carmen Aub, Flavio Medina, Mara Escalante, Fernanda Castillo, Sofa Nio de Rivera

Directors: Luis Eduardo Reyes

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