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A new beta of Android 9.0 brings us closer to the final version


A new beta of Android 9.0 brings us closer to the final version

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July 2, 2018

android 9.0

It's been a long time since the first launch beta for Android 9.0 developers and since then we have already had the opportunity to take a look at a few more, including one that has just joined the previous ones and that since Google They tell us that it is already very close to the version that we will finally see on our devices.

Android 9.0 already has a beta for more developers

Google just announced that the third beta of Android 9.0 (or the fourth preview, depends on the name we follow) is already in circulation for all developers enrolled in the corresponding program. You know, of course, that unfortunately we do not have any tablet (not even the Pixel C) that is compatible with these updates, so that only users of any of the users can try it at the moment Pixel.

It does not seem that we will get any novelty of great draft, or at least Google He has not announced it at the moment, although they always end up finding at least some minor modifications once the developers get to work and examine the update from top to bottom. If when they do find that there are changes that go beyond small design touches, we will update them.

New Android 9.0 P beta: all the news

New Android 9.0 P beta: all the news

The truth is that in the last update there were no more important news, beyond that was used to introduce the new emojis (which were officially approved that same week) and it seems likely that for this new version most of the work has focused simply on correcting bugs and errors and polishing the interface.

With your eyes on the official launch of Android 9.0

This does not mean, in any case, that we can not find any interesting news more when Android 9.0 is finally launched officially, because sometimes we find that some important functions or changes are reserved for the official version and we must not forget that we will have even one more beta (although if nothing comes in this, more unlikely I still do it in the following).

And how much will we have to hope to enjoy the final version? Well for now Google It is complying relatively well with the calendar, so it is reasonable to expect it to continue doing so and that would mean that the next beta would arrive at the end of July or (more surely) already in the month of August, while between september and october would be when it would take place el official launch from Android 9.0.

The main novelties for Android 9.0 P revealed in the Google I / O 2018

The main novelties for Android 9.0 P revealed in the Google I / O 2018

You know, however, that one thing is when the official launch takes place and another when we will receive it, because outside the Pixels, we will have to wait weeks, if not months, to start seeing updates and new devices that already arrive with Android 9.0. In the case of tablets, in fact, it does not seem much risk to predict that we will have to wait at the beginning of 2019, at least. We will be attentive to what the manufacturers announce and hopefully we are wrong.

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