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Who calls 919916297? And how to avoid these calls

If at any time or now you are precisely receiving 919916297 calls, then you are part of a large number of victims of these spam calls in Spain. Who is behind them? 919916297 calls? What motivates them to act this way?

Nobody really knows, but what they do to annoy:

  • Pickups and you hear nothing. There is a silence and they hang up. The same happens if you call back.
  • To other people the 919916297 calls They come from a telephone company that urges them to change their plans and rates.
  • Noise is heard and nobody speaks.

What to do if we receive calls from 919916297?

No matter what method they used with you or someone they know, here are some options to avoid at all costs 919916297 calls:

  • You can block the number from your own Android phone. According explain In Google, what you have to do is open the phone application of the device, go to the Call History, touch the call of the number you want to block and touch Block / Mark as spam.
  • If the 919916297 calls They receive looking to sell you something, that is, they have commercial purposes, you also have the option to include it in the Robinson List. If you follow this link, you may know how to do it.
  • If none of these alternatives work for you,
    The most advisable thing is to report the police about these spam calls.

We hope that with these
suggestions are useful against calls
from 919916297
. If any of these have worked for you or have others, you can
share it in the comments to help others not to fall for these calls
that can complicate our lives.