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WhatsApp can use a cryptocurrency

Electronic payments are something that we may already be somewhat accustomed to and as we talked about it a few days ago, WhatsApp has already begun to venture into this area allowing money to be sent to any contact through the application.

In a turn that may be unexpected and with information obtained from Bloomberg, we know that Facebook has a cryptocurrency in development and that this is perhaps the means by which payments are made through its messenger application.

The main characteristics that are mentioned of the currency is that being a stablecoin, a type of currency that sticks to the price of the US dollar, helping to avoid this volatility.

At the moment it is said that the tests will begin in India, since being the country with the highest number of registered users about 200 million It can provide more information regarding the operation of the system. We must remember that when we brought the first note on this function, India has also been the country where it all began.

Facebook begins to bet on digital currencies and its choice for a stablecoin to help transactions through WhatsApp be carried out in a satisfactory way due to the stability compared to others such as Bitcoin. In my opinion, since this is a fact, we will not only see its application in WhatsApp, but also we will find a way to implement it in the other applications of the company.

How do you see this idea? Sounds interesting to you? We will have to see how it continues to develop with the beginning of 2019 and the data that emerge from the Asian country. Do not stop writing to us in the comment box that you think about it, we are reading.

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