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What they are and how many your phone has

Android battery charging cycles

The battery is something that constantly worries users on Android. Therefore, we regularly look for options to improve the use of it, such as the optimization available on Huawei phones. Another aspect that is essential is the state of the battery, since we want to know if it suffers a problem, something that we must tackle as soon as possible to avoid damage or problems in the long term.

One aspect that can help us in this regard in Android are the charging cycles. Thanks to them we can know more about how our battery is and the state of it or how long we can wait, we will be able to use it with full capacity. A fact that is important for users.

What are charge cycles?

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As we can intuit by name, charging cycles are a process that consists of representing each time the battery of our Android phone it loads and unloads completely. Although this definition may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Since some brands consider that it is not a cycle until the full capacity of the battery has been used. Although it does not always have to be in the same period until it is reloaded.

Currently, considering that the most common battery is lithium ion, charge cycles are very important. Even more important than the time that has passed since it was manufactured. Since it can happen that batteries that have a greater number of charge cycles are more deteriorated than older batteries, but that have passed fewer cycles in their useful life.

In the case of current Android phones, it is estimated that batteries can give optimum performance for about 400 charge cycles. So this is the figure that we should have as a reference in that regard. Naturally, it will vary depending on the phone. But it is good to have an average reference value in that regard.

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How to know how many charge cycles we have on Android

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In Android we do not have a native function that tells us the charging cycles of the phone. Unfortunately it is not possible, and it does not appear that Google will make use of such a function in the future. To do this, we have to resort to some applications. In Google Play we find many options in this regard, which allow us to have control over the charging cycles of our phone without any problem.

Probably one of the best is Charge Cycle Battery Status. It is an application that we can download on Android for free. Thanks to it, we can measure the charge cycles that the phone has. The next time we go to charge the phone, and a full charge cycle is carried out, an indicator will be displayed on the home screen. In addition, the application also shows a graph in which the number of remaining battery cycles is estimated. They also provide us with other statistics, which may be of interest and usefulness to users. So that they can control the health status of said battery. You can download the app in this link:

It is a very useful app, although it has an important limitation. Since the app will only be able to measure the load cycles from the moment we have installed it on our Android phone. In addition, when we connect the phone to the charger, it must be on at all times, but it will not be possible to register that cycle. So if you release your phone, it may be of interest to install it from the beginning, like many other apps. But it is one of the best options we can use in this field, taking into account the limitations in the operating system itself.

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