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We reward the best products seen at CES 2019

CES 2019 has brought us the usual avalanche of mega TVs, cars that drive alone and incredibly fast computers, but we were also surprised and delighted with many products that are already (almost) for sale. This 2019 may have been the year in which things have become real.

We saw laptops thin enough to disappear in a backpack, televisions that unwind from a box and futuristic digital binoculars that made us want a 2019 version of The indiscreet window. And that is just what happens inside the enclosure. This year, circling the city in a self-driven car from Lyft became so routine that it even seemed boring. Well: it's entertaining when you realize that you don't have to tip anymore

Although CES usually sees incredible prototypes that never go on the market, this 2019 has been the year in which things have become very, very real. The electric Harley that have been announcing for four years? Well here it is. The LG roller TV OLED had only seen four privileged in some hidden galpn? Well there we have it. An Alexa toilet? OK, well, nobody expected it. But it's real!

Almost all the products formerly selected in this list of prizes never reached Best Buy, but today there are finally many possibilities to happen. Yesterday's remote concepts are the products of this year. So get ready to be amazed. And open your wallet.