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Twitter has more "profitable" users, but reduces its profits

The balance of the second quarter of Twitter points to an increase in the number of users that generate some income, but one each in earnings. The basis considered by the ?Monetizable daily active use? won 5 million users in the first quarter and reached 139 million.

According to Twitter, the result is due to "Organic growth, improvements in products and, to a lesser extent, marketing." The company did not publish its monthly user base in April of this year because it understands that daily statistics are "The best way to measure our success."

The data only counts daily users who saw an ad while they were online. The methodology is different from that adopted by competitors such as Facebook and Snapchat, which have users with simple access to platforms.

Twitter has better figures than its competitors

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<p>Twitter figures are even better when we consider<strong> the 9 million user losses caused by the elimination of the bot in the third quarter of 2018.</strong> At that time, the platform had 326 million monthly users.</p>
<p>The company says that fake accounts can still represent the<strong> 5% of the daily basis</strong> of active users, but note that they are less harmful. In the second quarter of 2019, reports of spam and suspicious activity fell 18%.</p>
<p>With the growth of the user base,<strong> Twitter revenue increased from $ 710.5 million in the second quarter of 2018 to $ 841.3 million in the same period of 2019.</strong> The result was the projections of the analyzes that had been made, with what is expected revenue of $ 829 million.</p>
<p>Twitter's profit went from $ 100.1 million to $ 1.1 billion. The result, however, <strong>It is artificial and was caused by tax exemptions of more than $ 1 billion.</strong> When earnings are adjusted to ignore the benefit, earnings fall from $ 58 million to $ 37 million.</p>