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This was our experience with smart alarms

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Some smart home appliances require complicated installations and that poses a problem for those who rent. In addition, the apartments have different needs than smart homes. That is why we have decided to make this guide of devices that do not require complicated installations, to make your apartment a little smarter.

Today we will talk about fire alarms. Many products belong to the areas of safety and tranquility and a smoke detector and intelligent carbon monoxide can accommodate these two areas.

They are made to keep you safe in the same way that traditional alarms do, but with more features.

The traditional smoke alarm won't tell you if it goes off on vacation and the only time it notifies you is when the battery is going to run out.

Any smart smoke alarm you install should be easy to set and may not require wires as the owner may get angry.

Install a smart battery

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If you are looking for an easy way to update your alarm, there is the Roost Smart Battery. For $ 35 dollars you can replace the 9 volt battery of your traditional alarm with this one that comes with Wi-Fi and is controlled by the mobile application. When the battery is going to run out, you will send a notification to your cell phone and it will also do so if there is any fire.

It connects to your Wi-Fi and is controlled from the application, so you can mute the sound from the cell phone without having to find a ladder to turn it off from the button. Note that this battery will only work if the alarm is compatible with a 9-volt battery.

It is assumed that the battery can last five years, but was discharged a few months later. Apparently, the company was aware of the problem and sent a replacement for free.

Roost also has a choice of four alarms in one: smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and natural gas. The detector as such is not intelligent. It comes simply with a jRoost battery. The problem is that to install an intelligent detector that includes natural gas, it requires electrical work. That means you should call an electrician to install it.

The Nest Protect Alarm

The alarm in my apartment was installed at the entrance of the room. If something burned in the kitchen, the smoke must travel a great distance to be detected. Therefore, install a second alarm that was intelligent.

Nest Perfect has a version that works with batteries and another version that works with cables. However, it has no natural gas detector.

The Protect looks very different from traditional alarms. It is square with curved edges. You don't have a 9 volt battery, but you need six AA batteries.

Nest indicates that the device is more than a nice design. Use photoelectric and ionic sensors to detect fires.

Installing it took 20 minutes but it was practically because I was not fast enough to tell the alarm to work in English. When I pressed the button, the alarm began to speak in Spanish. What I did was reset it to factory settings. Otherwise, it would have taken 10 minutes. You can make the language change from the app, but I warned that it would take a day to process the change.

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The ring in the alarm, shines in different colors. Despite being turned off most of the time, it turns yellow when it detects low amounts of CO or smoke or if the sensors are malfunctioning, or if it is time to change the batteries. Turn red if there are high levels of smoke or CO. Be green if everything has returned to normal. The blue color is activated when changes are being made to the configuration. You have the option of making the Nest a small hall light bulb that turns soft white at night.