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This video of Apple's keynote deserves to be seen again

video Apple keynote 2019

This has been an important week with many releases from Apple, which is what September's keynotes have. The company of the bitten apple not only introduced new iPhone 11, a new Apple Watch Series 5 or a renewed affordable iPad, also we saw really amazing videos during the event.

It is not the first time this has happened, Apple has accustomed us to incredible videos in its presentations. The March keynote has already brought us what is probably the best video of introduction to an Apple event, although The one we saw only a few days ago could also dispute the position.

A video worth watching

The video is called ?Wonderful tools?And in l vmasters reviewing the history of all the most important Apple devices from the first Macintosh. All the transitions from one product to another are incredible and it shows that Apple knows a lot about graphic animation.

As you have seen, it is a video to save and watch from time to time. We start with the ?Hello?Of the original Macintosh 128K and we slowly review all Apple main products: iPod wheel, iPhone start button, Touch ID, Face ID, mouse, various iMac models, MacBook, iPad, AirPods, Siri, Apple Watch, various iPhone models and much more.

All video is lively in the background with the song "Flirting With June" by Les Gordon. It is a song more than appropriate for See ?an incredible journey through hardware, software and services (from Apple)?At least this is how it goes out of the way in the video information.

"It offers people wonderful tools and will do wonderful things"

Apple ends the wonderful video with the phrase we have above, which perfectly shows the philosophy of the company.