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There is very little left so you can play Xbox One games on your iPhone or iPad legally


Thanks to the streaming game, we can all enjoy the best games anywhere. No matter the type of device we use, with a good internet connection and a remote control or just some controls capable of emulating it we can access our entire library of games. At least, that is what we aspire to now that this technology has returned so strongly to the doors of a new generation of consoles.

Next year Microsoft and Sony are expected to present their next consoles to the world, and the game in the cloud will be a fundamental part of both. In fact, in the case of the Xbox it will be even before the new generation arrives on the market, since Project xCloud arrive this year to stand up to Stadia. Thus, all users can start accessing all the games on our Xbox One from anywhere.

As indicated in the conference of the past E3, xCloud allows us to choose between playing directly on Microsoft servers or creating a dedicated server from our own console. This last option is the one to arrive in the coming months, so that all Xbox One users with a good connection they can connect remotely to your console and play your entire library of games anywhere, including the ones we can get through Xbox Game Pass.


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For its part, Stadia offers a somewhat different approach, completely eliminating the need for a console in order to use the service. However, Stadia will limit its launch to Pixel phones and tablets, in addition to Chromecast and PC, so we will have to wait a little longer. In the case of xCloud, details about its operation have not yet been revealed, but they should not take much longer, and the list of compatible devices will probably be more extensive than Stadia's.

There is very little left so you can play Xbox One games on your iPhone or iPad legally
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