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The series of 'The Lord of the Rings' will be the most expensive television production in history

A few months ago the communiqués on the adaptation of the best known film were made official, we talked about The Lord of the Rings, which returned to the screens in series form acting as a prequel to the books or movies and being made byAmazon, which will give more value to your Prime Video catalog.

The details are known little by little, and one of the details that is believed at the time of reaching the screens around the world is that it will be the most expensive television production in history, as the information suggests thatproduction of this series cost about $ 500 million dollars,a cost that exceeds 5 times the production of Game of Thrones with its 6 current seasons.

The most expensive of this budget is that the exploitation rights of the history created by Tolkien have a cost of$ 250 million, which is equivalent to half of the budget, to which you have to add the salary of the actors, design, production, special effects, advertising and other expenses that may be required. The series will have two seasons and the budget seems to be more than enough because the whole triloga of The Lord of the Rings had a cost of around$ 280 million dollars.

At the moment nothing is known about the cast of the actors, but Ian Mckellen (Gandalf) indicated that he would like to continue giving life to the magician in this story.

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