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The Nintendo Switch is presenting breaks at the top

Once again it is time to talk about the Nintendo star console, the Nintendo Switch, which now does not bring good news but rather the opposite for those who have one in their hands, because users are increasingly complaining that theconsoles are suffering a crack in the housing After a year of use, to the point where several users have observed how this scream causes major damage causing the console chassis to be visible.

Users report the problem in exactly the same place, on the left side of the rear panel, below the power button, where it starts as a small crack that can extend to the bottom of the console and in the most extreme cases parts of the housing fall out.

Since there are many users who confirm this problem, it is very difficult to reach the conclusion that it is the same who give the console at will, but this is contradicted because the consoles with a cover also present the same problem, because this problem is impossible to correct because the reason for the cracks will be theown console heat.

When users intend to validate their warranty, some users have been validated while others have not, so touch wait for the official statement from Nintendo.

Do you have a Nintendo Switch?

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