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The new Qualcomm processors

At the event held in San Francisco, Qualcomm announced three new SoCs:Snapdragon 665,Snapdragon 730YSnapdragon 730GThis last one is certainly the most interesting of the three, if only for theGthat distinguishes him from his brother and that indicatesGaming: it is, in fact, the first Qualcomm chip specially optimized for video games, with some tricks. Interesting and the collaboration of some software houses.

Snapdragon 665


The cheapest of the three, which is part of the 6xx line, is aocta-core with the Kyro 260 CPUwith speeds up to 2 GHz andAdreno 610 GPU.Everything has an eye on energy efficiency, with four performance-oriented cores and four low-power cores, dedicated to less demanding operations.

From the point of view of connectivity, we found on board theSnapdragon X12 LTE modemwith download speeds of up to 600 Mbos, while in the multimedia sector, theQualcomm Spectra 165 ISPSupports triple camera (also with telephoto and wide angle), maximum resolution of 48 megapixels and advanced functions such as hybrid autofocus, optical zoom, video with zero shutter delay and, of course, scene recognition and automatic HDR.

There is no lack, as always, attention to artificial intelligence, withDPS Hexagon 686which supports the third generation of Qualcomm AI Engine and promises to double the performance compared to the previous generation.

Snapdragon 730


The new 7xx SoC series has an octa-core processor composed of new 8 nm CPUs,Kyro 470 with speeds up to 2.2 GHz, admitted byAdreno 618 GPUthat support Vulkans 1.1. As always, there is an eye on artificial intelligence, with support for the fourth generation of Qualcomm AI Engine, thanks toDPS Snapdragon 688which doubles the machine learning performance of the previous generation.

As for the photographic sector, we find theQualcomm Spectra 350 ISPwhich improvesthecapacities ofcomputer visionthanks to a dedicated processor: this provides the ability to record HDR 4K video in portrait mode and all other advanced features you will expect, including support for the triple camera (also with telephoto and wide angle) and the possibility of recording videos in HEIF format. Finally, the modem is the Snapdragon X15 LTE, which guarantees download speeds of up to 730 Mbps.

Snapdragon 730G


It's basically the same SoC as the previous one, but with some game-specific tricks, including an overclocked version of the GPU that offerssuperior performance by 15%.

In addition to this, the Snapdragon 730G has been optimized with house software to improve performance in the most popular games, includes the functionJank Reducerwhich reduces up to 90% of the delay in 30fps games and a WiFi latency optimization specially designed for mobile games. Finally, this SoC also includes aanti-cheat system, but we don't know much about it.

Beyond the game, the keyword of these ads was certainlyartificial intelligence: not only for new SoCs, which improve performance in this sector, but also for the launch ofQualcomm Cloud AI 100.

This is a component designed specifically for data centers that supports PyTorch, Glow, TensorFlow, Keras Y ONNX and promises "increase significantly AI inference processing compared to any combination of CPU, GPU and / or FPGA used in current data centers ?.