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The Movistar Series channel arrives in Latin America

Movistar series It is a channel that will arrive for all Latin America from February 15, which offer us totally original series and of course a great selection of quality Latin American productions that will be available through the platform Movistar TVYMovistar Play.

It is worth mentioning that all the original Movistar series will reach 12 passes, the new channel will be available in passes as they are Chile, Colombia Y Per from February 15 and will be added during the next months to the offer of Movistar in Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, The Savior, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama Y Uruguay.

On the other hand the Movistar series channel is more than willing to release 12 series Throughout 2018, which they claim will be completely original from Movistar in the same way it is planned that the channel will broadcast content that will be in Spanish but produced by third parties, Latin American series in different formats of duration, as well as also movies Y documentaries, but that's not all since every week Movistar series will premiere episodes of 9 series and 5 movies. Which means that we will have a great variety to choose what suits our taste.

The first original production with which Movistar series will be released is Plague a series created by Alberto Rodrguez and Rafael Cobos with a cast starring Pablo Molinero, Paco Len, Sergio Castellanos and Patricia Lpez Arnaiz.

Here in Tecnocatweb we leave you a little taste of Plague

We leave you 3 Trilers to give you a little idea of ​​what you can enjoy in Movistar Series.

Undoubtedly Movistar is taking a big step and we do not doubt that the platform becomes one of the best that offers the best content on the market since they are somehow in charge of opening doors for Hispanic talent.

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The Movistar Series channel arrives in Latin America
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