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The largest content update for The Division 2 will be released on October 15

Washington DC is still under siege, and fans of The Division 2 will receive a great content update sooner rather than later. Ubisoft announced today that the next wave of downloadable paid content for The Division 2 will launch next week, October 15, for players who bought the Year 1 Pass.

The title 6 update includes two new missions of classified missions and history, a new character specialization, a player versus player mode and a multiplayer map, along with other cosmetics and arrangements in the game.

The mission of the history of Division 2, Pentagon: The last castle, focuses on the mission of the agents to recover the emblematic building of the Black Tusk terrorists and prevent them from continuing to spread the lethal outbreak. In addition to the missions of history, pass holders can also deepen the secondary missions of Exclusive Classified Assignments to thwart the attempts of the marginalized to obtain a greater presence in the United States Capitol.

Each new content provides the perfect playing field for players to try the new Technician Specialization, which comes fully equipped with EMP grenades, a new skill variant, the Maxim 9 side weapon and the P-017 launcher, which aims at up to six enemies before flying them with a devastating missile barrier.

Unfortunately, not everything is good news for the fans of Division 2, as it was also announced that the second raid of the game will be delayed, which gives developers more time to polish the final event. As of now, Ubisoft has not yet announced when the raid is available, apart from saying it will arrive in 2020.

If players are interested in the new content but do not have the Year 1 Pass, do not fear, since each part of the content will be available to everyone (outside of the Assigned Assignments) one week later, on October 22. And for players who do not yet have not resumed the game, Ubisoft also announced that they will organize a free weekend on all platforms later this month, along with a sale of the game.

(Source: Ubisoft)