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The design of the 2020 iPhone will be inspired by the iPhone 4

iphone 12

At the beginning of September, even before the keynote of September 10, we affirm that the 2020 iPhone will have a completely new design.

Apple has not risked anything in the latest iPhone models, its design is practically identical to the iPhone X of 2017. So it is time to see a renewal in the aesthetics of the smartphone of the company of the bitten apple.

And 2020 could be the year in which this happens. But we have something even more interesting to share. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may be planning be inspired by the design of the iPhone 4 to shape the iPhone 12.

Apple, back to the future with its iPhone 12

Iphone 4

Both iPhone 4 (s) and iPhone 5 (s) and iPhone SE had a great sales success thanks, in large part, to your design. Especially in the case of the iPhone SE, which meets all the requirements at the level of value for money.

For this reason, a merger between the design of the iPhone 11 (s, triple camera included) and the design of the iPhone 4 (flat edges, glass panel) will be a great success on a commercial level.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo:

"We predict that the new design of the 2020 iPhone will significantly change (…) the metal frame and glass panel will continue to be used, but will be changed so that it has a design similar to the iPhone 4."

Anyway, no matter how reliable a leak at this point … not even from Apple have decided what they plan to do with their next generation of iPhone. Currently the company is immersed in more important issues such as the advertising campaign to promote its new iPhone 11, although I know that certain guidelines such as a radical design change because of the popular request.

And if we add to all this the 5G technology, ToF cameras, OLED screen and the withdrawal of the ?notch? in favor of a camera integrated in the screen? better than better!