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The best of MWC 2015, gives 3 – Digital Trends Espaol

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The most important announcements of the third day of Mobile World Congress.

4G LTE lines cover 75% of Latin America at the end of 2020According to a new GSMA Intelligence study revealed at MWC, 4G networks will penetrate 76% of Latin America at the end of 2020, increasing from 35% at the end of 2014. The expansion is being driven by the growing adoption of smartphones and investments of capital of mobile operators in Latin America. Leading the region will be Chile with 73% of 4G connections, followed by Brazil (72%), Argentina (72%) and Colombia (68%). (Read more)

Pebble announces smart belts for Pebble TimePebble's new Smartstraps are interchangeable straps that will have sensors and electronic components capable of interacting with Pebble Time applications. For example, some straps may extend the battery while others may add GPS or the heart rate monitor. Smartstraps will also be available to the developer community, that is, to be an open platform. (Read more)

Facebook wants to expand its campaign to 100 passes by the end of the, the Facebook campaign that seeks to bring Internet access to developing countries, reach new markets this year. During the MWC conference, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the initiative began an aggressive expansion with the goal of bringing Internet access to 100 countries by the end of this year. The model of this initiative is based on partnerships with different operators to provide free access to basic Internet services focused on information, health, financial services and social interaction.

Johnnie Walker launches smart bottle Diego Technology in partnership with ThinFilm Electronics have created a smart bottle prototype for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label drink. The bottle uses sensors with Near Field Communication technology (NFC for its English sign) which allows distillers to send texts to consumers offering information about the bottle as promotions, recipes and other information relevant to the drink. (Read more)



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