The 15 best hidden object games for Android

The 15 best hidden object games for Android

Hidden object games are for patients. These games test your eyes, your thoughts and your problem solving skills in the most complex way. If you are a patient person who loves to think before any of your movements in a game and look for all the clues, you must play hidden object games on your Android phone. Do not worry, because we bring you the best hidden object games that you can download and enjoy right now on your Android device.

Below are the 15 best hidden object games for Android :

1. The June trip

June's trip is at the top of this list, offering players a fascinating story full of mysteries that you must solve when finding hidden objects . As with most hidden object games for Android, playing the game is quite simple, as it requires that players only play objects on the stage depending on the tracks provided. In the game, you play as June Parker and participate in his journey to reveal a family secret . Along with the main objective of searching for clues and solving levels, the game also allows you to customize your own island of races, which gives the game more depth. However, you should have a good eye for hidden clues or higher levels can leave you baffled. You must also assemble the puzzles of each crime mystery by solving some amazing puzzles.

Install June's Journey from the Play Store (free with integrated purchases)

2. Ravenhill

Ravenhill is another fantastic hidden object game that It also involves some role-playing games. . The game allows you to personalize your character from the beginning, becoming an essential and unique part of its history. A story that tells of a flourishing city that has suddenly become a ghost town. You have to find hidden objects in each place you visit to try to discover where the entire population of the city disappeared. Each configuration has a restrictive time limit in which you have to find all hidden objects; which adds a level of emotion to a boring format of the games. If you fail to complete a level in the given time, you must pay the gold in the game to give the level a little more time.

Install Ravenhill from Play Store (free with in-app purchases)

3. Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps is an exciting interactive crime novel It takes place during hours of interactive play where you have to find hidden objects on multiple levels to solve a murder mystery. The game has a number of technical places where you have to solve riddles to build the crime that was committed in a hotel in the Alps . To help players with the clues, the game also presents a strategy guide that provides suggestions every step of the way. You can collect a series of unique achievements and even enjoy some great mini-games while solving the mystery.

Install Murder in the Alps from Play Store (free with in-app purchases)

4. NCIS: Hidden Crimes