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Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure: Nintendo's new peripheral

A few days ago, we talked about the new peripheral of the entertainment giant for its console Nintendo Switch. A device that looked as if it were the successor of the Wii Fit. Said and done: Ring Fit Adventure is a reality. And this new peripheral is the equivalent of Wii Fit, but for the last desktop console of the Japanese manufacturer. In this way, we find a pilates ring and a leg strap, two essential accessories to have a few hours of fun.

It must be said that the Japanese firm has done it again: by adding two really simple components, it has achieved that its desktop console has a new plus of fun. Why, Ring Fit Adventure It will help you lose weight, but it also offers you a few hours of fun with the Nintendo Switch.

How does Ring Fit Adventure work?

To start, we have the Ring-con, a pilates ring that has a small connector where we will put the Joy-Con Right. Made of polycarbonate, we can tighten and stretch the sides. Through these movements, we can navigate the Mens Ring Fit Adventure, in addition to performing the relevant exercises.

And the left leg strap is the element that is used to connect the left Joy-Con of the console. Your function? Monitor leg movements. Say that, with only the Nintendo Switch controls, the console is able to detect the movement of the whole body, which leaves the entertainment giant in a very good place.

Peripheral of the Nintendo Switch

Your function? make us have fun playing while we lose weight. More than anything because Ring Fit Adventure features a single player mode. It is a kind of RPG in which you get into the role of hero to defeat the villain on duty. Your weapons? A magic ring.

To do this, evaluate your age, weight and strength, choose the level of difficulty and start to fall. Of course, we already anticipate that the game will make you sweat so cute. More than anything because you alternate moments of calm, efforts of a minute Come on, the ideal to keep fit and lose those extra kilos in a really fun way.

Obviously, you can also play with a variety of mini-games, ideal to sting with your friends to see who gets the best score. Of course, we must have a little patience, since it will not reach the market until next October 18. The price of this new peripheral for Nintendo Switch? For now it is unknown, but 80 euros do not go down …