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New Chrome 77 offers better performance and greater security

Chrome 77 now available in Windows, Mac Y Linux. This new stable version of the web browser is the arrival of many changes, including a new home screen. As a result, Google took the opportunity to correct 52 security vulnerabilities. Here we show you that it is changing.

New welcome screen

First, we will notice the appearance of a new home screen in this web browser launch. Longer than the current version, this new home page invites you to «personalize your Chrome browser »by adding bookmarks dedicated to applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Translate or Google Maps. Also, the home screen continues asking you to configure Chrome as your browser predetermined.

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Chrome will also invite you to enable synchronization. Since, their markers Y passwords They will sync across all your devices. With Chrome 77, you can also easily share a link from one Chrome device to another. Now an icon of «send this page»In the address bar when the option is enabled.


On the security side, the web browser now protects the cookies, the resources HTTP and other data of hackers with the option «Isolation from sites«. This is an additional layer of security that allows Chrome to load each website by running its own process. The option is not new, but now it is more complete. From now on, a website will also have to ask permission to access the contacts of Internet users.

That is, it is an ms private Give your contacts access to an Android or iPhone application. Chrome sees all your contacts and gives you a list of them, but only the contacts you choose are delivered to the website not letting you see all your contacts.

Chrome 77 also marks the disappearance of the Extended Validation indicator for certificates in the URL bar. This certificate provides the strongest level of encryption and allows a website to reassure users. Unfortunately, many users do not bother to see this screen, explains Google. That's why the indicator no longer appears in Chrome.

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New features for Android and iOS

  • Chrome 77 for Android is slowly being implemented in Google Play, but the complete change log is not active yet.
  • Chrome 77 for iOS It is being implemented in the Apple App Store and this includes four improvements:
  • A new configuration page of language, which gives you more control over the languages ​​for which Chrome offers translations.
  • You can delete your data from navigation of a specific time range, such as the last hour or the last day.
  • The suggestions of omnibox they are easier to read with thumbnails and cones additional.
  • You can easily close the tabs that maliciously show dialogues of JavaScript.

With this Chrome is affirmed as the best web browser for its ease of customization and its continuous improvements and you can download it here. Similarly, Google launches a new version of its browser every six weeks or so that is, we expect Chrome 78 to arrive at the end of October.

New Chrome 77 offers better performance and greater security
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