Moto 360 ya se muestra en Google Play pero todavía no se puede comprar

Moto 360 is already displayed on Google Play but it still cannot be purchased

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<p style=It seems a lie to bring this news to today, when the Moto 360 It has been months since, but it seems that Google until today has not been decided by include it in your online store. It does not mean that we could not acquire the device, but that it was not available in the Google store.

If we enter the “Devices” section we can see how Moto 360 is now available in its two non-metallic versions: rock skin and black skin. The Motorola watch is currently only available to admire, but soon we can acquire it.

As it is normal to announce a device, we will have all the information on it on the page, only we will have to wait to buy it. If you want a review of the device I leave one that made a server, in which you can see my experience and the technical data of the device. I hope it helps you when making a decision.

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Finally, the watch cost what has been costing officially, which are 249.99 euros. It may be available for purchase on Google Play in the next few hours.

What do you think of the Google Play step by including this device? Do you think it’s time to buy a smart watch or, on the contrary, do you have to wait?