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Microsoft will launch a new version of Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft announced this July 26 a new version of Windows 10 that is available to the participants of the Insiders program. The most important news of this trial version is the way in which it can be activated Cortana, leaving the microphone aside and transforming the conversation like a chat.

Cortana It is not the most popular personal assistant on the market, but it is too early to say that Microsoft has given up on create something new for him. In the last version of Windows 10 that was launched within the Insiders program, which is the 18945, the user can interact with Cortana through the keyboard and not only be by voice.

With this input method for questions or actions, just type the command and the wizard responds, this time you reply only by text, your voice response is omitted.

It works to have a list of news for Cortana

In a statement, the company says that Cortana can respond basically to all voice requests, such as Bing searches, open programs and system settings. Google already has something similar with its Assistant, which offers a keyboard button so that commands, questions or actions can be written.

Siri can also work this way, but to release the keyboard and chat with it, you must go to the settings outside the wizard interface. In addition to Cortana, the list of modifications for this version of Windows 10 includes support for network applications that use Linux WSL 2 and wizard definition improvements which can be enabled to read mail from Outlook or from the Windows Mail application.

Compatibility and release date

Finally, Microsoft has increased the compatibility of the Your Phone application, which reflects notifications and shares Android photos with your PC. In this compilation Now you can add the Galaxy A6, A7, A9, A10, A20, A30, A50, A70 and Galaxy S8 Active.

What's new in this compilation may (or may not) appear in the next major update of Windows 10, which should appear for all users during the next semester.