iPadOS - iOS 13 conectar ratón

IOS 13.1 and iPadOS now available for download

iPadOS - iOS 13 connect mouse

It has been long in coming, but the update that all iPad users were waiting for is now available. Our tablets You can now make use of all the news that the new iPadOS introduces with an update that can already be downloaded from the settings of our device or through iTunes.

further we also have the first update of iOS 13 available, one week after iOS 13.0 was released. This update to iOS 13.1 will correct many of the bugs detected as well as include new features such as shortcut automations or improvements to Maps.

Devices compatible with iPadOS

IPad holders no longer have to wait and can from this moment update to iPadOS. The models compatible with this new version are:

  • iPad Mini 4 and 5
  • iPad Air 2 and iPad Air 2019
  • iPad 2017 and 2019
  • All iPad Pro models

To update them you just have to access the settings of your device and in the menu “General> Software update”The new available version will appear. Remember that you need to be connected to a WiFi network and it is advisable to have the device connected to charging.

IPadOS News

iPadOS is a great update for the iPad that brings many of the features that users had been waiting for a while. Just above these lines We show you a list of videos of our channel in which you can see some of these news, such as the use of the mouse with an iPad, a PS4 control knob, the new gestures available or the use of multitasking. The main novelties are the following:

  • New desktop widgets that can be hidden or left fixed
  • More icons on the home screen
  • New Dark Mode
  • New options for editing with the Apple Pencil
  • New multi-touch gestures
  • Lower latency with the Apple Pencil (9ms)
  • Share folders with iCloud
  • Access external memories via USB
  • Redesign of the Files app
  • New multitasking that makes it easy for you to work with several applications at once

iOS 13.1

In addition to the update to iPadOS, iPhone users can install the update to iOS 13.1, a version that many have been waiting for since iOS 13.0 seems to be having some stability problems with applications. The novelties included in this update are:

  • Shortcut Automations
  • Share arrival on Maps
  • New dynamic wallpapers
  • New icons in the volume bar
  • New icons in HomeKit

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