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Insecurity for children on Google Play

The Google app store represents a number of options for a large number of users. From content for adults to children, the store's catalog grows more and more over time.

On this last recipient is the one that should be dealt with more delicately, since an error in the content can cause the alarm foci to jump. Well, that's how it happened recently when some child advocacy groups – with information from Buzz Feed News – With the Campaign for a Childhood Free of Commercials They have written a letter for the Federal Trade Commission in which they include some statements that do not leave Google Play in a good position.

These groups have relied on a study from the University of Michigan that has analyzed some applications aimed at children who discovered that 95% of them contain advertising and 54% were pop-ups difficult to close.

Some of the statements in the letter are as follows:

  • The Internet Children's Privacy Protection Rule is violated
  • Children are influenced to see ads or make purchases
  • There are applications with inappropriate content for children

Google has spoken about it and says that it continues daily in the struggle to analyze, monitor and eliminate applications from its store and that so far this year it has already eliminated more than a thousand of them. Although so far, the data say that the fight must continue.

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Beyond the store and defense groups

In the opinion section of this note I would like to mention that yes, it is good that they defend themselves on these failures in Google Play and of course that the company has to dwell for the welfare of these users, but What happens to the parents? Isn't it also their responsibility for the content your children visit? With this I do not want to give more weight to one side or another of the balance, I only say that if the effort is made on both sides we can keep children safe from any threat not only on Google Play but on the Internet.

You who think about this matter? We would like to know in the comment box, we are reading.