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I turn off the iPhone at night, and this is what I won

I currently have an iPhone X and I use the phones of the Cupertino company since 2008. And I am an active telephone user since the end of the year 2000, when I bought my first mobile phone, a Nokia 3210. I have to admit that I am late for a this world, at that time I was 27 years old, but If I didn't have a phone before, it was because I didn't need it.

During these 19 years, I have had phones of all kinds and on many occasions I spent the night with the devices. Good for doing nosequ or be exchanging messages with my partner. Now, once a certain age has been reached, I am very clear that when it is time to physically get into bed, it's time to turn off the phone. Do not silence it or in Do Not Disturb mode, directly off. Have I won anything with this gesture? In my opinion, and in this article I tell you.

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Advantages of turning off the phone at night

Yes, you can live off at night. The time to be in bed is for that, not to have to be aware of notifications or to be tempted to catch it. In my case, just prolong the time it took me to fall asleep.

The phone rests …

Do you remember when was the last time you turned off your phone? It may have been weeks since you did not, but as our partner Jess explained, leaving it off for a few hours has many benefits. The memory is released and the electronic components are no longer working.

And your head too

Yes, a phone off does not emit notifications or lights or sounds or vibrations. In addition to that, your head will stop thinking about catching it if you perceive any of these evidences. Disconnecting from the digital world is necessary, and if someone has the urgent need to contact me, they can always call me on the landline, although it should be something very urgent and precise. If you want to learn how to control your usage time, do you know the Moment app?

You avoid temptations

How often do you pick up the phone in bed by simple routine? You take it and say, "a quick look at Facebook, WhatsApp and sleep," and that "quick look" ends up feeling more than 10 minutes. With the phone off We become more lazy when it comes to doing this. We have to turn on, let ourselves be dazzled by the apple, enter the code and start receiving things that can wait.

According to some investigations, the lights on the screen of a mobile device inhibit the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that induces sleep. Therefore, if we remove this light at a stroke, we are preparing the way to have a dream much earlier, don't you think?

You save battery

Ok, a mobile at rest with a battery in good condition may have an invaluable consumption, but it is undeniable that when the power is off the consumption is 0. It doesn't make much sense to leave it on if I'm going to be sleeping. And no, I don't charge it at night. While I prepare breakfast, I take it and pick it up, it gives me time for the battery to take shape. That's right, I always charge it in Avin Mode, saving a lot of time.

You have a motivation to get up

The night hours go a long way, during which we are resting we probably receive some message or emails. What better than waiting for the morning to read them calmly. My particular routine is as follows, see what has come to me right after breakfast. I usually get up soon, and before I get going to work, I know what I must answer first and what goes directly to the garbage.

Matter of principles

Yes, there was a time when I never turned off the phone, and I ended up realizing that it didn't bring me any benefit. I was more aware of him and with more anxiety, and life puts us too many times to test to go on having to pay attention to the phone. In those moments, you have to be resting. Since I practice this night disconnection My sleeping hours are more profitable and I rest better.

I don't know if you are one of those who practice this disconnection, but if you don't do it, I encourage you to get in the car. Benefits, many. Worry release, too.

I turn off the iPhone at night, and this is what I won
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