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Huawei executive says the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is a meaningless phone

This 2019 Huawei and Samsung have presented their first phones with flexible screen, however they have had several problems with this technology, a situation that has led them to delay its launch. Maybe that's why Xiaomi wanted to take a different path with the My MIX Alpha, which we cannot deny that it is very similar to the flexible phone they taught a few months ago, but with the difference that this device is always folded.

The Mi MIX screen occupies more than 70% of the phone's body, and we cannot deny that it looks impressive, however, a senior Huawei executive has mentioned that the Mi MiX Alpha is a phone with no practical sense.

These are the first images taken with the 108 MP camera of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

This is reported by the media in China, where it is revealed that Yu ChengDong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group has issued this comment when asked about the Xiaomi device, which broke the Huawei record and its waterfall screen that had been presented with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

What the CEO of Huawei seems to ignore is that Xiaomi mentioned in the presentation of the Mi MIX Alpha that this was a phone with conceptual design, it is true that being released to the market this year, but it is not expected to be a bestseller, especially because its price is little more than 50 thousand Mexican pesos (without considering taxes).

It seems that Xiaomi wants to see how this device works in the market, perhaps as a way to prepare for its flexible phone. But it is just for this reason that this is not the Mi MIX 4, as this model is to be presented between the end of the year and the beginning of 2020.

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: what comes in the box of this awesome device?

Nor can we deny that the idea of ​​Xiaomi is risky and that a phone that is basically all screen has its challenges, but until we can prove it we will not be able to know if it is comfortable or practical to use.

Huawei executive says the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is a meaningless phone
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