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How to Turn off Automatic Audio and Video Playback in Chrome?

As always, we are providing you with solutions to optimize your web browsing; this time we want to introduce you the different Ways to disable images, audio and videos in Chrome, which usually reproduce automatically. This generates slowness when surfing the internet and a whole series of problems.

If you are interested in getting rid of these and other complications, we invite you to read this information carefully. Then we will show you why disable images, audio and videos on the internet; And finally, we want to show you the different ways to do it in the most satisfactory way possible.

Why disable automatic playback of images, audio and videos in Chrome?

The reproduction of “images”, “audio” and “videos” that the Internet performs by default causes the following:

  • Slow when you are browsing.
  • Excessive consumption of data On your cellphone.
  • Also unexpectedly interferes during your connection.
  • May produce certain noises that sometimes you don't want to hear
  • If you are in your work environment, maybe the use of audios is not allowed, videos or other multimedia services.
  • On the other hand, the automatic reproduction of certain videos or images when browsing while you do your usual activities (work, academic, leisure, or if you are in a public place), could be annoying for the type of content that is shown there, since it might not be to your liking.
  • In addition, some are advertisements that appear suddenly.
  • I could even cause inconvenience If you want to navigate discreetly.
  • Another reason has to do with certain restrictions that some computer rooms, libraries and educational facilities have; especially if they come “Visually impaired people”since this could interfere with your web browsing; especially when other users connect at the same time without blocking these “multimedia contents”.

What to do to Disable Automatic Playback of Images, Audio and Videos in Chrome?

Disable Images, Audio and Videos From your Browser

You can easily apply this from your own browser; Just follow these instructions:

  • If you have Google Chrome, go to Program Settings, all enters Configuration.
  • Once there, enter Advanced Settings; Go to your menu and press Privacy & Security to disable "images ”,“ audio ”and“ video ”; how? We show you below:
  • Enter the section Images and deactivate the option.
  • Then enter Sound and proceeds to block it.
  • Finally, locate and enter Flash and disable it by pressing the button.

Disable Audio and Videos From your Facebook

Automatic video playback every time you open your "Facebook" could be another inconvenience; To solve it, pay attention to the following:

  • Go to the menu in the upper right of this application,
  • Then go to the section Notification Settings.
  • Now go to Sound and deactivate the option.
  • Then go into Automatic video playback;simply block it by simply pressing deactivate on Activate.

Disable "Sound" and "Mute Alerts" From the Windows Operating System

From your computer you can also deactivate "sounds" and "silence alerts"; follow what we mentioned below:

  • First go to Windows operating systemand click on the Start bar.
  • Then enter the Control Panel; once there go to Hardware and Sound.
  • Just click on Sound and in that same section press on the tab that is also called Sound; now in Sound Combination click on Without sound and that's it.

How many inconveniences you can avoid just knowing the ways to disable images, audio and internet videos, isn't it ?; No more distractions during your connection, no attention calls from other people, no more unnecessary data consumption, anyway. Finally, if you have decided to deactivate these “multimedia contents” for whatever reason, we know that we have contributed to your peace of mind.

How to Turn off Automatic Audio and Video Playback in Chrome?

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How to Turn off Automatic Audio and Video Playback in Chrome?
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