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How to send calls to your Android phone from Google Chrome on PC

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A new version Chrome browser beta It has recently begun its deployment among the main desktop platforms, and with it it brings an interesting tool that arrives for improve the integration between our mobile phone and the computer.

It is, as they indicate in Android Police, a function that allows send phone numbers of a web page in question directly to the mobile associated with the same Google account.

How to send phone numbers from Chrome to your mobile

Google Chrome

The characteristic in question is present from the 78 version of Google Chrome for Windows and Mac, so that the first step is to make sure you have the browser updated.

Once the new version has been installed, it will be necessary ** to activate this tool from the experimental options menu or flags of Chrome Beta. From there, we only have to ** enable the option called ?Enable click to call feature signals to be handled on desktop? *. You can go to it directly if you copy and paste the following link in the browser:


Finally, you just have to restart browser . Thus, every time you see a linked phone number on a website, for example 123456789, a pop-up menu ask you which device you want to send the phone number To make the call. If you have an associated Android smartphone, the number appear on a notification.

Now, you just have to click on the notification in question to go directly to the phone application and make the call from your mobile. You can also save a contact with that number, edit it before calling or copy the number to share later.

This feature seems to work on devices with Android 9 and 10, as long as they have a Chrome version higher than edition 77. In addition, it is not necessary to have the beta version of the browser installed on the smartphone; just have it on the computer.

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