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How to install the Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets

If you are one of those who have a tablet Amazon Fire (or you are thinking of buying one), you should know that the Google app store is not included inside this device Play store. If this is a problem for you, it is possible to change the situation quite simply and without any risk to the device.

The Amazon Fire includes a fork developed by the company itself led by Jeff Bezos (called Fire OS) and which quite dramatically modifies the Android operating system on which it is based. Access to the applications is done in the firm's own online store, and it is possible that not all the developments that are sought are found – and, in addition, what has been purchased in the Play Store cannot be downloaded. This is something that changes absolutely if the Google tool is installed, something that is completely possible.

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A good detail is that the process we are going to indicate works perfectly on all Amazon tablets, regardless of the version of the operating system installed. Thus, compatibility is complete and the device, either the smallest or the one with the largest screen, is also indifferent.

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What you need to have to install on the Amazon Fire

The first thing is to download all the files that will be necessary to have Play Store on the tablets. The list is somewhat broad and you should have the APK files on the device itself to be able to run them later. They are the following:

Google Play Store logo

Once you have everything in your possession, you must activate on the tablet that this type of files can be executed, something that is achieved in the Settings of the Amazon Fire. Specifically, you must access the option Advanced What is there in Security. Here you activate the slider called Apps of unknown origin. You have everything ready to start with the installation of Play Store.

Installation to have Play Store available

Now you have to open the File Explorer that includes the tablet by default, called Docs. Select the tab labeled Local storage and see all the APKs you just downloaded. You must execute them in the next order: Google Account Manager; Google Services Framework; Google Play Services; and finally Google Play Store. If you don't do this, fail the process.

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To do this, press each of the files and follow the steps you see on the screen, you will see that it is not complicated to do this – and that there is no danger since the APKs are signed by Google itself. When you finish, an icon, the one from Play Store, appears on the screen, the main Amazon Fire. Use it (you must enter the user and password from your account and you may have to install a store update later). From this moment, you can use the Mountain View company service without any problem.

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How to install the Play Store on Amazon Fire tablets
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