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How to Create WhatsApp Groups on iPhone?

WhatsApp It has become one of the most used softwares in recent years, its instant messenger allows you to send texts, images, video and voice notes totally free. You only need to have internet on the device where you are going to use it. WhatsApp It offers you freedom of expression, so much is its flexibility that fits the fashions to get in trend and meet the needs of users, if you want to share something with a certain group of people, you can simply create a group of WhatsApp and if you don't know how to do it, in this article we will teach you.

You must enter the application of WhatsApp, from there to create the group, after this you must place yourself on the messenger screen, where all the chats are located, this can be displayed at the bottom of your IPhone where you will find a menu of favorites, status, contacts, among others. To verify that you are on the messenger screen, just check that the part of the lower menu that says chats is underlined.

Create WhatsApp Group for iPhone

Already in the initial screen of the chats, what you should do is slide your finger on the screen down, so at the top of the screen two functions or options will appear, which are the following: Spread message and New group . Click on New group

After this, a notification will appear on the screen that asks you to put a subject or title to the group, remember that the name you give to that group is like appearing on your list of chats when it is already created and of that same way to appear in the chats of the friends that you decide to include in said group. After confirming the matter, you will see a page in which you should place the group participants.

In that box you can write the person's name yourself or simply click on the (+) symbol, in this way you will open your contact list and thus manage to select them one by one. After all the process press ok and the provisional group will be created, until each of the participants accepts their entry into that group. And ready! In this fast and simple way you can Create your WhatsApp group.

How to Create a WhatsApp Group for IPhone WITHOUT Complications

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