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How to build professional networks using LinkedIn

How to build professional networks using LinkedInImage: Bigstock

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A social network like LinkedIn can not only be key for brands, it can also be key for marketing professionals and other areas who want to continue developing professionally. Through this social network you can generate contacts for networking because there are more than 500 million users, as shared by the firm Kinsta. Would you like to create professional networks from which alliances or interesting projects may arise? Here we tell you how to do it.

Tips for creating professional networks using LinkedIn

According to recommendations issued by Social Media Examiner, these are the actions that you must implement to form your professional networks using LinkedIn:

  • Control the way people connect with you on the social network

Did you know that by default anyone can send you a contact request on LinkedIn? Although this is how many profiles are handled, you should know that to improve the development of professional networks there are ways to control how other professionals can connect with you.

An example of the above is to set up the LinkedIn account so that only people who have your email can connect with you. For this, it is only necessary to click on the photo of your profile, in the upper right part of the screen and go to the configuration and privacy section.

Once within that menu, in the communications tab, preferences can be changed as deemed ideal, there are 3 options from which you can choose.

On the other hand, if you want to increase the number of people you follow instead of the number of people in your network, you must configure your profile for the option Follow first. This action allows you to increase followers without the need to add contacts to your network.

To execute this action you must go to the configuration of your account. Again in the privacy tab you must identify the Block and hide section and choose the option of Select Follow as main.

Consider that you can also follow people's posts and updates without having these people added to your network. This function is ideal for speakers, podcasters and influencers in which you are interested and keep abreast of their publications without having to generate a direct connection with them.

  • Identify people to connect with

As a second recommendation to develop Professional networks, this point refers to the need to define who you are going to connect with depending on the circles where you move, for example if you are part of a chamber of commerce or a local networking group, you can take advantage of this to look for them in LinkedIn and appear in the search results.

In LinkedIn, the search engine is a very useful tool, it can be used to identify specific people, this can be done taking as reference names, jobs, contents, companies, schools or groups.

You can do the test considering a group of interest such as marketers, if you are looking for a related term or literally that word, you can identify all your professional colleagues, the same if you are interested in connecting with the professionals of a particular company, if you put Name of the company you will find all those who are part of it and have a presence on LinkedIn.

Another good way to find contacts for the development of your professional networks is to use people to find people near your location. This is an option that you can activate if you go to industry events, such as National Congress of Digital Marketing, so you can see LinkedIn users who are at a close distance.

One more is to add people by taking advantage of the suggestions of contacts that the social network shows, remember that every time you add someone to your network, LinkedIn suggests other contacts that you can meet. This is a section that is worth consulting and you can do it immediately or by leaving a personalized message so that they know who you are and the interest in connecting.

  • Send custom contact requests

Following the suggestions to add contacts to your professional networks, this is a way of working that deserves a separate point. And it stands out since when you pack connection requests you have the option of adding a personalized message, as mentioned above, this may be suitable to not take people by surprise and know who you are as the interest to connect.

Consider that when you customize an invitation, you are starting a conversation with a new contact, this immediately and faster than if you had to wait for a post on your part in the main news feed in which to comment.

Under this recommendation it is important to keep in mind that it is not about making a sales pitch but trying to form a relationship that eventually lends itself to the development of a joint project.