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Have Google Assistant on your Samsung Galaxy watch with this app

Have Google Assistant

Today we are leaving to teach how to have Google Assistant on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch with an app called and GAssist and you will surely take a lot of love. Especially since this way you can move on from Bixby, Samsung's assistant and with which he is determined to be able to replace the Google Assistant.

In fact Samsung started to withdraw compatibility with other apps sports for their wearables and thus almost force their customers to use their own Samsung Health app. This is not the case, because we talk about Google Assistant, but it does have a lot to do with that desire to close the doors to other better alternatives.

If you go from Bixby and want Google Assistant

Not only do we talk about the limitation in wearables, but we have had it in Samsung's high-end with that Bixby button that until recently it was impossible to map it with another app. Samsung finally gave up and gave its users the option to map it; in fact you can know the steps from this publication we did.

Truth be told, Bixby won't be able compete in the same Google Assistant space for many reasons, so many users are looking for solutions to have the Google Assistant on their wrists with the Galaxy smartwatch. That solution given and that is perfect is the GAssist app that is available for all Galaxy Watch and other smartwatch with Tizen with version 4.0 or higher.

He developer in charge of is Kamil Kierski and has put it for everyone from the Google Play Store. We are going to show you how to install the app that can have its complicated steps, but that are worth following to finally have Google Assistant on your wrist.

How to have Google Assistant on a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

The steps to follow for to have the Google Assistant are these:

  • We install these two apps first both on mobile:
  • As on the clock: Download from the Galaxy Store
  • You will have to generate a file from the Google Cloud Plataform website and store it on your phone. Follow the steps in this video to better understand what you have to do:
  • We have to have those Tizen and Android apps installed on the phone and on the clock.
  • Permissions will be requested for each app so that each one will indicate the steps to follow.
  • Finished, we would already have Google Assistant in a Tizen watch.

App limitations

Some things to know are, you have to Open the app to click on “listen” to activate Google Assistant, because at the moment there is no voice command that works. Everything will be something to expect and that the developer is able to integrate it. However, according to those who have tried it, it is faster to respond than the Assistant himself in Google's own system, Wear OS.


You also have to count on some things not working. We talk about control other apps like watch or others linked to the hardware. Of course, you have all that string of voice commands that you have ready and you just have to wait for the developer to integrate more news.

In short, a very interesting initiative that I should call Samsung. Simply by looking at the attention that posts are taking on XDA and other platforms, you can understand that limiting their clocks only manages to close the doors so that in the end others decide another purchase to have Google Assistant on their mobile.

A series of steps to have Google Assistant on your smartwatch with Tizen 4.0 or higher and that from here in Androidsis we encourage you to try, since you will have all the power of Google on the wrist of your hand. A little patience and you can get around those steps to have it.

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Have Google Assistant on your Samsung Galaxy watch with this app
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