don't upgrade to macOS Catalina or you will have serious problems

don't upgrade to macOS Catalina or you will have serious problems

A few months ago, the Cupertino-based manufacturer presented its new generation of laptops, such as the MacBook Pro As the main banner. In addition, recently announced its new phone line, with the iPhone Pro Max as a great workhorse, in addition to the latest versions of the different operating systems of the American giant. It has not been more than 24 hours since launch of macOS Catalina, And we already have the first problems.

S, The first users to upgrade to macOS Catalina are having problems with their iMacs, Macs, MacBook and MaBook Pro. In addition, we do not talk about isolated cases, but it has been Apple itself that has confirmed these serious failures, so they recommend that users of compatible devices do not update to the latest version of the operating system.

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These are the macOS Catalina bugs that affect your MacBook Pro

The problem is that, as users who have updated their devices to the latest version of the American company's operating system have been able to experience, tools as common as Microsoft Office 2011, ADobe CS6 or Apple Aperture are suffering failures which prevent them from being used regularly.

On the other hand, macOS Catalina It no longer works with 32-bit applications, therefore directly do not execute them. Exactly, you should know what 32-bit applications you use regularly to find alternatives. Otherwise, you lose these tools forever.

Do not you think enough? Well, you know that DJs who use the Mac platform to work, have a serious problem if they have updated their MacBook Pro. Within this community, it is quite common to use the solutions of the manufacturer of the bitten apple, but with macOS Catalina iTunes disappears.

And not only that, but the database, stored in an XML file, no longer exists, so a local music collection cannot be indexed. This has resulted, in which apps from the height of Traktor and Rekordbox have stopped working. Seeing is believing…

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As always, Apple throws balls out

The company confirms that it is a problem caused by the deletion of the XML file, but blames external developers for this problem. But of course, they omit a small detail: these same developers were waiting for a new independent music application that would allow to open an XML file, but it has not been so. And yes, Catalina's update has been a tough stick for any DJ who has updated their notebook to the latest version of Apple's operating system.

Eye, that the Apple solution It's amazing: don't update Catalina if you need this XML file to work. Ms, if you consider that going back to macOS Mojave will involve erasing the hard drive and having made a backup before updating to Catalina.

In short, a really bad job done by Apple, which leaves hundreds of thousands of users who use their solutions, especially the carsimo MacBook Pro to work. And beware, that iOS 13 is on a similar path: the latest version of the company's mobile operating system is reporting a good number of problems …

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