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Cryptocup awards cryptocurrencies for World Cup predictions

From June 14 to July 15, the attention of football fans worldwide will focus primarily on one thing: the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As usual in this event, it is expected that more than one billion people will be cheering for their favorite teams, while many will make bold predictions as part of the FIFA World Cup Bracket Challenge.

But this year, those who have a special ability to choose winning teams will also be able to earn their cryptocurrency rewards, and take advantage of the current trend of digital currencies to take home cash.

A website called Cryptocup is presenting its own challenge, where all participants can win a digital token based on their selections for the outcome of the World Cup games. Those tokens are generated as part of the blockchain (blockchain) of Ethereum, which means that they will have a certain value in cryptocurrency trading networks, depending on the current price of Ethereum. In addition, that value will probably fluctuate up or down throughout the World Cup tournament, which lasts for a month.

While that tournament is taking place, the token earns points according to the number of games that the owner has chosen correctly. Those who can accurately predict the outcome of the games will be able to scale the Cryptocup leaderboards, putting themselves in a position to take home a portion of the prize money. The goal is to be in the top 10 percent when the tournament ends, since those players will split the jackpot, which will have a value determined by the number of players who have entered the contest, and the current Ethereum value.

The organizers of the Cryptocup tournament say that approximately 25 percent of the money raised will go towards paying the site's overhead during the entire tournament. The rest will be divided into the top 10 percent of the players, with the exception of a small consolation prize for the player who finishes in the last place of the entire contest.

But there is another element in the game Cryptocup that makes it even more intriguing. In addition to the profit points of the token, depending on how well the outcome of the World Cup matches is predicted, that same token can be bought and sold in a secondary marketing market that will arise around the website. This gives players the opportunity to sell their token and collect in advance, if they find someone interested in buying it. Similarly, prospective buyers can search for a potentially valuable token, and buy it by making an offer to its owner. All transactions of this type will be subject to a five percent commission, which will also be added to the jackpot money.

Currently, the well is valued at 19.5 ETH, which is equivalent to around $ 11,150 dollars. The current initial cost for those who want to participate in the Cryptocup tournament is .075 ETH, or approximately $ 42 dollars. That price will increase as we get closer to the start of the World Cup, possibly feeding a larger prize pool, and transacting them along the line.

To get more details and participate in the fun, you can visit the Cryptocup website, but if you decide to try your luck, it is recommended to inform yourself well and do it with caution.

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