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Beware of Sharazon, the store that offers cheap iPhones on Instagram

There are many ways to promote a business, and the online store Sharazon has chosen to promote itself through a series of Instagram influencers offering cheap iPhones.

Sharazon is an online store which offers cheap iPhones, specifically less than half of its official cost. Therefore, we must be very cautious, and then we will show you why.

Beware of the new Nigerian scam

Sharazon is an online store that is advertised under the pretext of getting iPhones at very good prices, but this It is done through a process called Buy and share.

Image - Beware of Sharazon, the store that offers cheap iPhones on InstagramHow Sharazon's "joint purchase" works

We need three or more people to make the acquisition, and so raise the necessary money between three people to buy an iPhone, something quite strange at first sight.

The process that Sharazon follows so that we get our precious iPhone is the following:

  1. We bought the iPhone in half or even a third of what it costs us in an Apple Store.
  2. They are not going to send us the iPhone yet, it will be almost a "gift" and it is not exactly the case.
  3. Then others two users join the joint purchase of that iPhone.
  4. We we will receive the iPhone, but the other two people should wait. They will not receive it until there are two other buyers on the list and only the one who went right behind us on the list will get it on that turn.

This is an infinite loop, and there are currently more than a month of waiting for Internet users who have already paid for their iPhone, and that maybe they will never receive.

If there is anything suspect on the Internet are the such extremely cheap prices of certain products, which have a much greater value.

Therefore Sharazon moves near the pyramid scam, but there are many other websites that perform similar processes to claim that they sell their products cheaper than any other store.

Sharazon and her advertising on Instagram

Image - Beware of Sharazon, the store that offers cheap iPhones on Instagram

Sharazon's case attracts a lot of attention since they have selected influencers with many thousands of followers who claimed to have made a purchase in Sharazon and received the iPhone correctly.

In addition, these influencers also offer the possibility of obtaining an additional discount of even 20% and thus get this supposed iPhone, for which they don't even offer an estimated delivery time.

These types of practices are rare, but Sharazon has gained more than 67,000 followers on his Instagram account thanks to the different promotions with popular characters. Now that they have reached a certain impact thanks to the high number of followers, they use this to promote their offers.

As it is logical to have affected, there are already different Instagram accounts and other Telegram groups where they tell their experience, claiming to have been fooled.

As we can imagine, although Sharazon herself try to show yourself as a reliable page Through its various certificates such as Trustpilot, this is quite doubtful.

After the investigation of several Internet users, it was discovered that this Italian company, in fact, had its Headquarters in another country, which is Malta.

Some of the regretful users of having been tempted have requested the money back, since his idea was not to contribute the remaining 700 or more euros to get his iPhone, but to get it cheaper, for about 300 euros depending on the model.

There are now several claims to Instagram influencers that facilitated the promotion of getting Cheap iPhones in Sharazon, which is offering some buyers 70% of the money contributed and not 100%, for having thrown back.