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An error in iOS 13 allows access to iPhone contacts via the lock screen

A few days after launching iOS 13, a user, Jose Rodrguez, has detected a vulnerability that could be described as very serious. This consists of skipping the lock screen and access contacts using Siri. A fact that can certainly put the security of millions of users in check.

This is the new security error of iOS 13

The error was reported last July in the iOS 12.1 version by Jos Rodrguez to The Verge media, however, this same user has verified that the fault is still present in the already refined version of iOS 13 to be available to the public in the next few days

To access contacts, simply activate a FaceTime call and activate the VoiceOver function from Siri. From there, and as the video shows, it is possible to access all the information of a contact. As we have already said, The Verge has confirmed that the error is still in the version that will be released on September 19, iOS 13

However, Jose Rodriguez points out that it is very possible that such vulnerability be corrected in a beta version iOS 13.1 that Apple intends to launch next September 30. It is important to note that, as is logical, this vulnerability does not allow access to photos, videos or other information that a telephone may contain. To do this, it will be necessary to unlock the screen as usual.

This is the last vulnerability to which access is given through the iPhone lock screen, since, in past years Apple already had these problems in iOS 6.1 or iOS 7. We will be attentive to see if, as noted, the error is corrected in the next beta or, conversely, the vulnerability remains in the system.

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