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A group of thieves managed to steal 300 iPhone X cell phones

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You may be lining up in front of an Apple store at this time to buy an iPhone X, but a group of thieves managed to get cell phones in their hands, ahead of time. On Wednesday, November 1, a group of thieves drove a robbery worthy of the 21st century, only that they did not steal gold, but enough iPhone X of a delivery truck.

As initially reported by the San Francisco KTSF station, three men docked a UPS truck and took 300 iPhone Xs, valued at $ 370,000 dollars. The robbery occurred between 11:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. PST Although the UPS truck had its doors closed when it arrived at the Stonestown Galleria, this was not enough to stop the thieves, who managed to open the road and steal the contents of the white Dodge van.

According to the police, a witness saw three suspects wearing hooded sweaters leaving van Dodge. Although the suspects have not been captured, the police are asking citizens to help find them. The police think that the robbery was very well planned, and it seems that the suspects knew what they were looking for.

Fortunately, the inventory at the Stonestone Mall was not affected and the people who lined up to buy an iPhone were not affected by the theft.

Fortunately, the iPhone X has an IMEI number, which means that the devices can be tracked. It seems then that thieves can not get away with it because they can sell cell phones. The police say that if someone wants an iPhone X it is best to buy it in a store.

In any case, you should not worry about Apple, as the company plans to earn $ 84 billion (84,000 million) dollars in profits during the first quarter of 2018. And much of this revenue will be due to iPhone X sales.

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