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8kun is the name with which the 8chan platform policy is reopening after its forced closure

8chan, one of the most controversial internet websites, is coming back. It does with a new name, 8kun, and with the dark history of his predecessor behind him: incitement to hatred, extremism, conspiracy theories, racism …

This marked fantastic character of the platform was greatly increased after knowing that at least three users had published notices before committing attacks. The last one, that happened in El Paso with a balance of 20 dead, was the trigger for its disappearance from the network last August.

They have warned former 8chan users that they can migrate their contents

8kun searches for old 8chan users

The 8chan return announcement in the form of 8kun was posted on Twitter a few days ago. In a video accompanied by pica music and various effects, it appears animatedly the logo that presumably will have the future 8kun.

You give later, this same Wednesday, on the same account 8chan old users were advised to migrate their contents sending an email to the administration of the new portal. Beyond this, little else is known about the intentions of the new platform.

8chan and

We will have to see if changing the suffix 'chan', usually referred to children, by 'kun', referred to teenagers, means something

Ron Watkins, the head of the 8chan administration, who has repeatedly promised a return from the platform, said a few days ago on Twitter that they are in the final stretch of the lap: "After a few weeks of creating new bases to better protect the privacy and security of users, we are now in the final stretch before putting things online again. Beta testing of the infrastructure in progress, verifying and confirming that all systems work as expected. "

As you remember in ViceWatkins said in a prepared statement filed with the National Security Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States that they could be back online although, he said, "Only when 8chan is able to develop additional tools to counteract illegal content under United States law".

We will see what is left and if the choice of the name change the suffix chan, usually referred to children, by kun, referred to teenagers means something. For now, the estranged creator of 8chan, Fredrick Brennan, is not in favor of the return: "I don't want 8chan to come back. (…) I think its administrators are terribly incompetent people. "

         8kun is the name with which the 8chan platform policy is reopening after its forced closure