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YouTube changes its algorithm to recommend quality children's videos

After being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission from United States (FTC), YouTube decided to make changes to its algorithm. The platform aims to suggest videos with family content or for all ages with higher quality, this is done with the interest of be a more familiar place.

The measure already affects several channels, decreasing the visualization of some and increasing the visits of others. A spokeswoman for Youtube Confirm changes in the algorithm, but make sure they are not related to audience variations.

"We make hundreds of changes every year to make it easier for people to find what they want to see," the platform spokeswoman said. "Recently we made a change that improves the ability of users to find quality family content."

Bloomberg disclosed a complaint from a video channel owner for children said he saw one in 98% at the hearing in just three days. Is it time to stop creating content for children?, I asked in a private group Facebook post.

Quality content for children


The decision of prioritize quality criteria in his algorithm is a new attempt at Youtube To make it safer for children. The platform already has removed videos that seem childish, but that contain violent or eolic content, and has disabled comments on videos with children after the space was used to share links related to pedophilia.

YouTube recommends that children under 13 use YouTube Kids, which has more filters and parental controls. The application, however, is still rarely used compared to the main page.

The platform also has guidelines for those who want to produce videos for children. The guideline is to avoid “Addictive content that has no substance or developmental value for the viewer”. However, the suggestions do not lead to any punishment if they are not followed.