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You can now enjoy your PS4 games on Android

The people of Sony, historically, have allowed to stream your PS4 if you had one of their phones, the Sony Xperia with the application PS4 Remote Play. But this now seems to have changed and Sony wants to allow you to play your PS4 on any mobile.Gradually what will be implemented, how to work?

PS4 on your Android

Sony has made an announcement on its blog that we can now stream on any Android phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. But wait, do not go so fast to the Play Store for the app, that there is a small setback.

Although Sony has explicitly announced on its blog that now on any mobile you can streame and that only "you need to download Remote Play from the Play Store." Still We cannot download the application from the Play Store. When you access the app from the Android application store, I will tell you that it is not available for any of your devices (in case you do not have an Xperia, of course).

ps4 android

These developments have included them in the list of news of the 7.00 update of PlayStation 4, which is released this week. It is one of the great updates that have to reach the console of the company, and possibly upon arrival we can streamed our games on the phone.

Support for PS4 controller

The Japanese company has also stated in its post thatwe can use the PS4 controller as a Bluetooth controller in phones with Android 10. Yes, something difficult since very few phones have received Android 10 at the moment, and it is possible that the phones of many users are left out of this option due to the updates of the manufacturer of their phone.

Anyway, it is confirmed that it can be used officially for any game, if not as support for Remote Play, so it may not be the ultimate gaming experience we were looking for Android.

Maybe not all users will seek to play their PS4 on their Android, but the truth is that it is excellent news to have this option. Sony will have put the batteries to compete against Google Stadia?

What do you think? Will you play on your PS4 on your Android on your local network? Or do you prefer to use the PS4 as usual on your TV or monitor? Leave your opinion in the comments!

PS4 Remote Play

PS4 Remote Play