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Walk Master puts you to the test with a goat and its stilts

Walk Master is one of those games capable of getting you a smile when you make a game thanks to that system of walking on stilts that it offers you. Especially when you have to do it with a goat that has to learn to move each stilt to take the momentum necessary for the next one.

So, step by step, and gesture by gesture, we will be able to progress in this interesting casual for Android in which, apart from being able to play with the crazy goat, we can unlock a good number of fun characters to have a great time in these hot and summer days.

Walking on stilts is not an easy thing

In Walk Master we are set to learn to walk with tall stilts and that will force us to break our head a bit with the physics of objects and the gravity that has a great weight in the gameplay of this fun game for Android.

Walk Master on Android

It really is quite simple. With a lateral gesture of a certain distance, we will be able to take the first foot with its stilt to a specific place. We have to be cautious and do not lengthen too much the step so that the next that we do not stay too far away, and our crazy goat does not stay completely open-legged almost about to get a good slap.

Walk Master a casual

That by the way, it will be very funny to see her put them in. When we place more or less what a normal step is, We release the gesture and make another for the other leg with its stilt, so step by step we will be able to walk and that our goat reaches one of the control points. The moment you get the movement, you will see that you are going to have more fun.

Obstacles, moving platforms and more in Walk Master

So far everything is perfect and our goat already handles the difficult art of stilts. What happens that Two Men and a Dog, the developers of this fun casual, make things very difficult when we have to go through a pool with a piranha, platforms that move laterally and that they have their own to pose the stilts on them, or those lava pools that will release magma with which to go through the oven to our goat.

Characters in Walk Master

All that difficulty of walking as a base will be increased with all those obstacles in a new title for Android that overflows style and creativity. The truth is that you have a great time surprising yourself with the chatter of our poor protagonist.

Protagonist that we can replace by other very funny characters and that when we have a few coins, we can unlock some at random. They have been healed enough so that we do not miss the poor goat with those startled eyes when the host of the century is about to enter. We can unlock a zombie, a girl type Pipi Longstocking and many others.

Customize your character

Not only can we unlock those characters, there are a few, but we can even customize them with hats, clothes and more. Those currencies that we will need can be achieved by passing levels with their own environments, but also seeing advertising. That by the way, here it is almost nice to see her for the fun moments that make us spend our characters with their stilts.

Crazy Goat

Technically it is a very well done game and in which we highlight the perfectly achieved stilt movement With our gestures. The system becomes very instinctive for us to have a great time. Then we have very well designed characters, different obstacles with their object physics and those environments that encourage us to continue progressing in order to unlock more fun characters and objects.

In short, that Walk Master is a tremendously cool, fun and original game Perfect for these days that come on vacation without anything other than having a fun time. You have it for free from the Google Play Store. We leave you with Stepy Pants as another in which to take step after step.

Editor's Opinion

Walk master

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  • Walk master
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  • Funny!
  • Your object physics with the goat's gravity
  • Funny and funny characters


  • That it was a little more difficult

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