Total Party Kill

Use the three heroes to get off the platforms of Total Party Kill

We are facing another case that we don't want to pass up and it's called Total Party Kill. Do not go through the case that we are facing another interesting game, but due to its monetization system, through intense publicity, it blurs the gaming experience too much.

I mean, it almost forces you to pull your wallet to eliminate advertising and so have a good game. Because what is the game itself stands out against other platforms. Especially because of the fact that we have three characters with their own abilities to get out of each level.

Innovative annoyed by advertising

Advertising can overwhelm you, but tell it to the Watch a movie in the traditional channel from your country so that they suddenly warn of 15 minutes of publicity. You lose all the tension and interest in that movie to go prepare another popcorn slice or send some messages on WhatsApp until the damn movie returns from the commercials.


And more or less this is what you will experience with Total Party Kill, a casual platforms where you will have to learn to know the skills of the three protagonists, to get out of each level. Each of them has a particular skill that used in conjunction with the other two will result in the possible exit from the dungeon.

The sorcerer is able to convert in a solid block to one of his classmates, while the warrior, with his sword, can throw his partner away and thus turn him into the element with which to go out with a good jump. This way of understanding the possible exits to that dungeon makes this game unique; although they have not been the first to use this type of gameplay to coax through our mobiles.

The three heroes in Total Party Kill

We also have the ranger who will be in charge of using his arrows to hold the other two on some wall so use them as a small platform. And so will be the levels in Total Party Kill for our enjoyment, because the real problem of this game is not that it has bad graphics, cheap sound effects or that the difficulty curve is minimal. No no, the problem is in advertising.

Party kill

Let's say they force you to eat a first announcement after the first game. If this has lasted seconds, then you swallow one. And you say, well, an advertisement. It is not even that much. You take another game, and zasca, another ad to the minimum. So in a matter of minutes you are swallowing ads one after the other as if instead of launching a game from your mobile desktop you had hired an advertiser to show you advertising that you are not interested in.

Shattered Gameplay

So what is the gameplay shatters or that they have given you an award in an indie game contest in which others would have been more humble at the time of giving you publicity every minute. So you quickly forget the game mechanics and if it really is worth swallowing that advertising because yes. Gentlemen developers, so please, that is worth it.


Technically we talked about Total Party Kill enough to understand that it is a good game. The publicity, because you will notice the anger in capital, because they almost laugh in our face. We want to play, but give something in return and more if it's publicity. There are hundreds of games waiting.

Total Party Kill comes as another clear example of what not to do with advertising and that we have already commented days ago in another Android game. Hopefully they change their minds and bring the option to remove the advertising for € 0.99. € 5.49 is laughing again.

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