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This is his extravagant and amazing design

Andy Rubin, who has been splashed over the past few months by several scandals of sexual harassment, which would have led to the lace on his way out of Google, is back and brings a new smartphone from his Essential company under his arm. After the failure of the first model, the father of Android returns to the ring with a bet that, at the very least, can be described as peculiar.

At least that is what the images that both Rubin himself and the company have published through their profiles on Twitter are visible, this being the only information available so far, in the absence of an official announcement. The firm has ensured that These terminals are now starting to be tested outside the offices of the company, so that the officialization of the device through this channel probably addresses the fact of wanting to avoid rumors and control the speech in the face of its future presentation.

Essential Phone 2

What the hell is this?

The new Essential Phone is, as you can see in the images, a extremely elongated and narrow device that breaks with all the schemes of what we understand so far as smartphone to use. If the firm's first bet was already risky for what it brings and got a very poor response from consumers, to the point that the company seemed on the verge of disappearance, Rubin seems to bet twice on that risk and makes all-in to a difficult concept to digest without an explanation of how to justify its reason for being.

Although what you see is limited in every way, it seems to be a terminal with a customized Android version to adapt to that screen format, showing information through different cards to maximize space utilization. Naturally, this leaves doubts both in the section of its usability and its usefulness (and we better not talk about how this terminal can adjust without problems to the length of the pockets of a pants), especially at a time where the consumption of Content and big screens take precedence over everything else.

It is no less surprising to observe its rear, where the sobriety of the first Essential Phone disappears radically to give way to vibrant and bright colors. In this area there is only one camera, which also contrasts with the recent market movements.

Being that we are missing something and that its approach is another very different from what one gives to a traditional smartphone? We will have to wait for your official announcement to know. For now, it looks like a act of optimism by Rubin major, if possible, than the first Essential Phone.