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This is Create, the "new" Instagram Stories feature

The last leaks brought us some news about Instagram, but in the end it has turned out that the app has changed a good bit of tools and options, especially those that we use in the stories. Now, when we enter this section, we will find a new category called "Create" That has a miscellany of options to publish in our Instagram stories.

Because although at the beginning we can only publish photos and videos, over time they have been opened to other formats such as pure text, memories, questionnaires and more.

Instagram collects an "all in one" with its new category "Create" in stories

So, now when you enter the Instagram Stories camera, in addition to the categories "Normal", "Boomerang", "Superzoom" and more, you will also have available "Create", a hodgepodge where options such as:

  • Text:Post plain text, with a colorful background. You can use all the fonts included in the app.
  • GIF:You can search for a GIF stored on the Giphy platform. A mosaic will be created, repeating the GIF to fill the entire screen (which is somewhat psychedelic).
  • Account back: Set a counter with the possibility of sending a notification when it reaches zero.
  • A day like today: Share a photo, video or story that you posted that same day from years ago.
  • Questionnaire: Ask a question with several answers, of which one is the correct one.
  • Poll: Give your audience a choice between two options (with their subsequent count).
  • Questions:Your followers can send you questions (and you can publish the answer in your stories).

As you probably noticed, many of these features were already available on Instagram before, more specifically in the form of stickers. However, this time it is not necessary to upload any photo or video to use these elements.

In the case of the GIF section, we will realize that it differs from the sticker since now it is the main content of the story (occupy the entire screen) while with the sticker it did more the function of animated emoji.

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Add to the tab followed in Activity

On the other hand, as we have been commenting on these last days, finally Today the «Follow» tab has already disappeared within «Activity», a category where we can gossip what they liked "liked" by our friends and people we follow.

Now, if we enter the "Activity" section (the one with the heart icon, where we see who has given us ‘like’) we will no longer have this tab available at the top.

Similarly, in the editor of the stories we will realize that the tool to draw scribbles has also undergone changes, not in its functionality. Where before the icon was a pencil, now it is a sinuous line.