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These are the folding phones that we hope to see very soon

During this 2019 and the next years, we will see how the revolutionary design of folding phones advances. Through the use of flexible screen and battery technology, coupled with new ways of using established materials, new smart phones and tablets will become one thing, where a small device the size of a phone will unfold or unfold to display a larger screen.

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Many manufacturers are competing to be the one or one of the first to launch any of these potentially innovative products. The truth is that we are very excited about them, and we know that you too. Do you want to know everything about it? We have gathered below all the plans announced on future folding smart phones, as well as all the rumors circulating about it.

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Samsung has been working on a foldable smart phone for years, so when the Galaxy Fold finally showed itself in the past Galaxy Unpacked 2019, we were pretty sure what to expect.

But despite all the leaks and rumors, Samsung's folding phone continues to impress us. The bending style is one of the most important parts of a foldable smart phone, and Samsung has opted for a book style folding, with a larger screen protected inside the device. The Galaxy Fold has two AMOLED screens: the first one, on the outside, measures 4.6 inches, while inside we are shown a 7.3-inch tablet screen. A sophisticated hinge system ensures that the device can be folded and deployed quickly and easily.

The software is particularly impressive. The Galaxy Fold transfers its open applications to the larger screen without problems, something Samsung calls Continuity of the application, so you can instantly switch from one screen to another. The larger screen can also handle up to three simultaneous split-screen applications, allowing for an unprecedented level of multiple tasks. It comes with six cameras in total, and is powered by a 7 nm processor, 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and two batteries with a combined capacity of 4,380 mAh.

Unfortunately, the price is quite high: $ 1,980 dollars. However, it also includes 5G and LTE connections, which makes it a great technological breakthrough for Samsung.




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While Samsung may have advanced, Huawei is stepping on the heels of the Korean company with its folding Huawei Mate X.

But while both phones fall under the category of "foldaphone", the Mate X is not at all a copy of Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Instead of the Galaxy's book-like inner fold, the Mate X uses an outer fold, using the smaller screen as part of the larger screen. As such, technically there is only one screen here. But what screen: despite its outer fold, there was no evidence of damage to the screen or ripples, bumps or imperfections.

The hinge of halcan used in the Mate X is mechanical, and you must press a button on the side to open the device. As such, it feels stiff, which conveys quality. For those concerned with durability, Huawei claims that the Mate X has undergone extensive tests of falls, and the screen has been tested (open and closed) more than 100,000 times. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei has let journalists take Mate X in their hands, suggesting that the Huawei device may be closer to the market than Samsung's, but it must be seen.

But like the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X is not cheap, and is even more expensive than the Samsung folding. The Mate X will cost about $ 2,600 dollars.


folding phones we hope to see lg v50 thinq with dual screen 03 720x720LG

Despite being one of the few manufacturers with experience in flexible displays (G Flex and G Flex 2), LG has not opted for a traditional folding phone style. Instead, LG has revealed an accessory for the LG V50 ThinQ that allows you to attach a second screen, which can be folded into the device.

This second screen works essentially as a case for the LG V50 ThinQ enabled for 5G, but instead of simply being a case, it contains an additional 6.2 inches AMOLED screen. You can use this screen independently of the first one, so you can send a message to someone while checking your location on Google Maps, or watch Netflix while browsing social networks, or even use it as a game controller: the V50 react in a way Smart to the presence of the second screen, allowing you to move applications to it. Nor do you require any external power, as it takes its energy directly from the V50 battery.

While it does not have the same “WOW!” Factor as other folding phones, it still meets many of the same requirements. The price has not yet been announced, but we expect it to be (quite) cheaper than other folding phones.




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Although it was not able to show any device already ready, TCL (phone manufacturer Alcatel and BlackBerry) has shown some really impressive folding prototypes in the MWC 2019. When using DragonHinge, each of the prototypes seemed to show different ways to fold a phone , from book-style folds like the Galaxy Fold to screens that double as a retro phone.

However, do not expect to see any of this in TCL subsidiaries in the short term. TCL says they take their time to produce a foldable phone, and they don't seem to be in any hurry to be the first to reach the market. Still, it is worth taking them into account.



foldable phones we hope to see foldable phones royal flexpai back 720x720Dan Baker / Digital Trends

Technically, the only foldable smart phone with a folding screen that you can buy at this time, the Royale Flexpai, is more proof of a concept than a smart phone for everyday use.

The phone is displayed to display a 7.8-inch screen, has a couple of cameras, a Snapdragon processor and also special software. Royale is an expert in flexible screen technology, which has allowed him to gain advantages over much larger companies, but the current product still feels like an exciting prototype.

We have had the opportunity to play with Royale Flexpai and if you have the temptation to try one, you can buy a developer version for around $ 1,300 online. However, we really do not recommend it, unless you are an enthusiastic software developer who wants to start with applications suitable for folding screens.


One of the most judicious rumors about folding phones comes next to the name of Motorola, since the famous brand can use this new design to resurrect the classic name of Razr.

The original Razr folded like a foldable phone, so the synergy of the brand is there, and Motorola executives have talked about joining the new technology with the previous name.

Everything we think we know about the device comes from rumors and could have a 7-inch screen when it unfolded, a couple of cameras and even an unusual triple hinge design. The date of the announcement, the launch and the price are still unknown.


It is unlikely that Apple could reveal anything about its future plans, but it is a solid bet that the company is experimenting with different designs that may (or may not) eventually become an iPhone, iPad or a new product altogether.

So far, the only indication that Apple is exploring folding smart phones comes from patents for hinge designs and mobile device screens. But patents do not always reflect the products or technology planned for a public release.


Google is working on a version of Android suitable for use in foldable smart phones and already produces the Google Pixel line of normal smart phones. It is not too difficult to imagine a folding Pixel phone in the future.

However, since we are still waiting for a Pixel Watch, that may not happen soon. Information has been extended that Google is working on such a device, with evidence from unfounded patents and rumors so far.


ZTE became a kind of pioneer with the launch of Axon M, a true foldable smart phone, at the end of 2017, which precedes all the current hype.

No, it was not as good and the two separate hinged screens do not look as futuristic as the devices we anticipate for 2019, but they do fit the basic profile.

From ZTE there have been patents that show that you may be working on a different model, potentially using what you learned from Axon M in a more updated version.


The proof that all companies want to bet on foldable smart phones is the news that Energizer has one among its 2019 plans.

More known for its batteries than its phones, the company Energizer says that the foldable smart phone, along with 25 other devices, will be in the Mobile World Congress. However, nothing else is known about the device yet.


It is likely that Microsoft has abandoned plans for a Surface phone, but it may be working on a hybrid phone / tablet / laptop known as Andromeda that could have a folding chassis.

The rumors, however, point more to the fact that it is an evolution of the 2-in-1 laptop with additional functions. Intel patents, which have become renders, show how the device looks.

Intel does not produce hardware in itself, but will make reference devices to help other manufacturers visualize what is possible.

We will continue to update this article as we learn more about the foldable smart phones of 2019.

* Article updated on February 25, 2019 by Daniel Matus.

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